Apex utilizes The A Beka Christian curriculums in each of our Preschool classrooms. The A Beka curriculum has a high focus on the pre-writing and pre-reading skills that children need to be successful in Kindergarten. The children work on the most basic of concepts, from developing their fine motor skills by cutting and gluing, to encouraging their large gross motor skills by jumping and hopping.

Apex teachers strive to encourage a love of learning in each one of the children. Using the A Beka programs, the children learn through repetition the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 1-100, their shapes, colors and sight reading of simple words. By completion of PreKindergarten, they will have completed their reading of ten short stories. Alongside the structured curriculum, plenty of their day incorporates fun art activities and structured play with manipulative’s and toys.

Since children learn best through play and the ability to try things for themselves, many of our planned activities allow them to try things like cooking, scientific experimentation, and crafts so that they may explore different sensories. Additionally, Apex utilizes the A Beka Bible time curriculum. Everyday children attend Bible class where they learn the child friendly stories from the bible, good manners, and positive Christian character concepts. Apex does not teach a specific form of religion, just positivity and good morals.