An early love of learning starts… early! Apex Academy accepts children for early care as young as six weeks of age. Our Infant programs offer loving care for babies, and care is given according to the routines and schedules provided by the parents mixed with an introduction to music time (with instruments), sign language, and a beginning of Bible time. The teachers work with the Infants on meeting each of their developmental skills and often do fun sensory or art projects with the babies. Our Infant Teachers are dedicated to providing quality, nurturing care for each of the Infants in their care.


At about 12 months of age children enter our Toddlers program. Our first Toddler room is for children about 12 to 18 months of age. In the Toddler programs, the children begin utilizing their first A Beka Christian workbook to get an early introduction of colors and shapes. They also attend Bible classes and begin attending weekly Spanish classes and bi-weekly music classes. Teachers also use sign language in the classroom to help children communicate their needs while their verbal skills continue to grow. Our Toddler room provides a lot of floor space for children to play in centers, and participate in daily art and sensory activities. Our Toddler room teachers offer nurturing care while encouraging Toddler’s social and emotional development.

Old Toddlers

At about 18 months of age children promote to our Older Toddler room. The Older Toddlers room offers the same A Beka Christian curriculum, weekly Spanish class and bi-weekly Music class, daily Bible time and sign language usage in the classroom. The Older Toddlers classroom offers a variety of centers and opportunities for children to learn and grow in their developing skills. Children play dress up, work on their large motor skills on our climbing mats and sit at tables for structured art and curriculum times. Teachers offer loving encouragement for the children to use more words to verbalize their needs. They also work with the children for encouraging more self-control and preparation for early Preschool learning.

Early Preschool

Our Preschool programs follow the acclaimed A Beka curriculum and consist three different classrooms/ age groups for children. Early Preschool is the primary classroom for children who are approximately three years away from being Kindergarten bound. In early Preschool the children work on language development and listening skills that include color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners, and science. They also learn simple counting from 1-25 and number concepts 1-10. Academics are supplemented with Bible time, Spanish lessons, Music, and Arts & Crafts. Toilet training and good hygiene techniques are also practiced and learned in this classroom. Early Preschool is taught by Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher.


Preschool is the primary classroom for children who are two years away from being Kindergarten bound. They range in age from three to four years depending on where they are academically and in their skill building progression. In Preschool the children build on what they have learned in Early Preschool. They are taught recognition of name, sound, and picture for short vowels and consonants. They learn the formation of vowels and consonants in upper and lower case. The children will be reading simple sight words upon completing our preschool program. Number learning is progressed to count from 1-30 and number concepts from 1-15. Academics are supplemented with Bible time, Spanish lessons, Music, and Arts & Crafts.

Pre K

Pre-Kindergarten is an advanced academic program that is in actuality a Private Kindergarten curriculum and by completion, children will have mastered all Kindergarten skills as well as a beginning to early reading. The children vary in age from four to five years. The curriculum includes Language Arts, Numbers, Science, and social studies. Language arts includes phonics and reading simple stories containing one and two vowel words. Numbers includes counting 1-100 in increments of 1, 2, 5, and 10, Numbers from largest and smallest, using words like first and tenth, and the values of coins and bills. Science includes plants, animals, health, earth, and space. Social studies focuses on community helpers, children of the world, and America Our Great Country (maps, famous Americans and places). Academics are supplemented with Bible time, Spanish lessons, Music, and Arts & Crafts.

After School

Our School Age programs include a variety of fun activities for children to enjoy before and after school and during school year and summer breaks.  We provide transportation and care for children

For children whose parents would like for them to complete their homework while in our care, we have a homework contract that we ask be completed and returned to us. Children will complete homework with the assistance of a teacher Monday-Thursday between the hours of 3:45 pm and 4:45 pm. 

On Fridays, we take a break from homework and have a little fun. Special fun activities are planned by the children’s teachers to ensure that Friday’s are a day off of the norm. Activities include outdoor games, art projects or school wide projects (like community service projects, art projects, cooking projects and more).

Summer Programs